Jennie & Alan

What a beautiful people, what a wonderful couple. a wedding in the Roman countryside, very nice Irish people.

And then Jennie's eyes and smile, how wonderful. And Alan so kind and cheerful, but all very nice indeed, we had a lot of fun.

A beautyfull bride smile on the camera.
The bride getting ready.
The bride getting ready in black and white.
The bride and the bridesmaids joke.
The bride standup in front of the window,
The bride smiles surrounded by a curtain blown by the wind.
The groom holds his smiling daughter in his arms.
The groom is sitting with his friends in a row of chairs in the garden.
The bride is stand up in from of the window looking outside.
The spouses look at each other during the ritual.

Leonie and Johannes

A rainy day at the seaside, Leonie and Johannes's wedding was full of smiles and joy. Small obstacles will not prevent your complicity.

The rings.
The groom looks out the window.
The bride stand in front of a window.
The spouses are walking in a field.
The hands of the newlyweds touch each other.
The ritual on the beach.
Group photo.
The spouse are kissing in front of the sea.
The spouse are running on the beach.
The groom hugs the bride from behind.

Alin & Marco

A splendid Austrian family, arrived in Tuscany to celebrate their wedding with their three children. What can go wrong? Ah the rings ... we forgot them at home .. No problem we will make them with flowers. The party starts again and smiles are back.

The blonde bride is getting ready.
the bride is in front of the window looking the flowers.
Portrait of the bride through the glass of the car.
The bride is walking alone in an old village of Italy.
Exchange of the rings.
Close up of the hands with the rings made by flowers.
The groom is happy after the ritual.
The spouses are kissing in the sunlight.
The couples with the kids.
Black and white portrait of the couple.