It's time for friends and party....

After the ceremony, the exchange of the rings, the tears and smiles, the hugs with the relatives, the walk with the photographer ... it's time to party, eat, drink, be in company, the cake, the dance, the fireworks .

The time has come to wish you a good life .... forever !

Hands lead a lantern to the dark sky.
A moving hug between sisters.
A bride from behind is watching the sunset over Rome.
Celebrations and dances at the party.
Husband and wife seated in front of each other make the sign of the heart with their hands.
A girl collects the flowers thrown by the bride.
Four girlfriends celebrate at the party.
The bride and groom pose in front of the church and all the guests, aboard a fiat 500.
Two couples of friends posing at the party.
The bride and groom dance at the party surrounded by the scenographic smoke.